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Electrical Installations
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Find the best Calgary electrician for your residential and commercial needs.


“How much does it cost” or, “What is the price?” are 2 of the most common questions we are asked at Crew. With few exceptions it is impossible to provide accurate pricing over the phone and here is why:

Our office staff who answer the phones are trained to provide excellent customer service and gather all the necessary information to get a trained expert to your home. Their job is to provide excellent customer care and to help with many aspects of your service, but they are not electricians.

Our Guarantees

No Phone Guessing Guarantee

We take our prices very seriously, and do not want to risk your trust by guessing prices blindly over the phone. To avoid confusion, frustration, and miscommunication, we provide all quotes in writing after seeing the project firsthand. This guarantees that we can stand by our word. There is nothing more frustrating than being quoted what sounds like a low price over the phone, only to be told something different when the technician arrives.

Upfront Pricing Guarantee

Crew Electrical Experts will provide you with fair and upfront pricing for every job. That means no guesswork or “wait & see how long it will actually take” games for you. We will tell you exactly what your project will cost before we even begin the job and will never do any work without your approval in advance. That means no unpleasant surprises for you.

The price you approve will not increase, even if we run into unexpected obstacles and the job takes longer than expected. If all goes perfectly and we finish faster, we’ll be out of your hair that much sooner! When companies are paid by the hour, they have every reason to take their time rather than to work as efficiently as possible. With flat rate pricing, you will know the final price before agreeing to any work and you don’t have to worry about how long it takes.

Value Guarantee

We guarantee that we will provide you with the highest quality of service from any electricians in Calgary. While others may compete to be the cheapest, we compete to provide the best service and value. We are confident that you won’t find another company providing the same level of service, warranty, attention to detail, trust, cleanliness, or professionalism for a lower cost than Crew Electrical Services. We will deliver top notch workmanship; a great experience and you will be happy with our services. If getting the very cheapest price is the only concern then we might not be the right company for you, but if you want the best value and fair pricing we promise you will be glad you called us.

No Scare Tactics Guarantee

We take electrical safety in your home very seriously, but we will never pressure, or scare, you into making repairs. Instead, we will give you all the information and options so you can choose what is best for your home. We want you to feel comfortable trusting the advice of a Crew Electrical Services technician. Our goal is to be your trusted go-to company for life, and will treat you with the same level of professionalism we would want in our own homes.


There are a lot of electrical companies in Calgary wanting your attention. For your safety and security, all our employees are drug tested, background checked, carefully vetted and highly trained. We comply with all local, provincial and federal laws and our employees are covered by workman’s compensation insurance. Also, in order to attract and keep the very best people, we treat them fairly and they have benefits including medical and dental insurance.

Our technicians are experienced and complete many hours of extensive training, and exams. All our lead technicians are Red Seal Journeyman Electricians, and our aspiring apprentices are all indentured and registered electrical apprentices. We conduct weekly training sessions so you can feel confident that you are getting the highest level of professional service from our company.

While there may be several ways to handle your electrical needs that are “OK,” we follow an extensive set of “best practices” that we are constantly sharpening so you know you’re getting the best quality services and workmanship in Calgary.


We send out our electricians “Ready to Work.” Even if your appointment is just an estimate, if you’re confident with our company (and we’re sure you will be!), you can decide to go ahead and complete the work right then. Even if you decide on a major installation, our technicians will usually be able to get the work started. Regardless of your project, we show up ready to get the job done. (except for service changes which require coordination with Enmax and City of Calgary inspectors).


Let us know your preference for when you’d prefer service. You can go about your day and let us know how long you’d need to get back home to meet the technician. We will work around your commitments and call you 30-45 minutes in advance to let you know when a technician is available to head to your house. You can go to work, run your errands or take care of business. No more waiting around. (please be sure to answer the phone, we do need to confirm someone will be at home to meet the technician)

  • No more sitting at home and waiting!
  • Thorough analysis of your project.
  • All your questions answered openly.
  • Expert advice and tips from qualified and trained tradesmen.
  • Multiple options and written quotes for any work needed or suggested
  • A fully stocked truck and skilled technician ready to work.
  • A Lifetime Quality Warranty.

2021 Price Averages

Note: This is a helpful list for guidelines only. These ballpark prices range from the low end to the high end. Your actual project may be lower or higher and may vary significantly from the general pricing listed here. For an exact quote, schedule an appointment today.

  • No Power Issues or Troubleshooting – $195- $378 Includes service call, solution guaranteed troubleshooting, minor repair in an accessible location (additional charges may apply if the issue is buried behind a wall, in the ground, under the crawl space or in an attic)
  • Replace a standard circuit breaker – $189 – $239 (obsolete, AFCI/GFCI or special breakers additional)
  • Replace Main breaker (does not include utility fees) – $349 – $749
  • Replacing Outlets, Switches, Dimmers – $44 – $220 (discounts available for larger quantities or projects) Minimum for one task only $178
  • Repairing Meters, Main Disconnects, and Tree Damage – $950 – $2,500
  • Replacing Small Ceiling Fans and Lights – $144 – $274
  • Replacing existing flood lights outside. $149 -$299 (depending on height of fixture).
  • Replacing Typical Ceiling Fans and Lights – $149 – $350
  • Replacing Complicated or Difficult Ceiling Fans or Lights – $350+
  • Replacing Ceiling Fans or Lights in Tall Ceilings – Installation prices listed Above plus $80 – $450 for ladders/scaffolding and safety precautions (We Consider a Ceiling over 12′ Tall)
  • Basic Ceiling Fans and Lights with New Box and Wire to Power Source – $350+
  • Complicated Ceiling Fans and Lights with New Box and Wire to Power Source – $450+ 
  • New Flood Lights with New Boxes and Wire – $250+
  • Basic Traditional Recessed Lighting – $139 – $199 per fixture (includes housing, trim, and lamp)
  • LED Recessed Lighting – $189 – $385 per fixture (includes housing, trim, lamp & wiring)
  • Traditional Under Cabinet Lighting – $119 – $229 per fixture
  • LED Under Cabinet Lighting Systems – $500 – $1,200
  • Replacing Outlets or Switches – $49 – $189 (discounts for multiples devices) · Replacing Dimmers or GFCI Outlets – $99 – $189 (includes basic device- discounts for multiples)
  • Install Basic Switches with new wiring to Lights and Fans $199 – $350
  • Install Basic Outlets, depending on location of power – $190 – $350
  • Install TV Outlets Above Fireplace – $450 – $800
  • Install Basic Outdoor Outlets on House – $189 – $350
  • Oven, Dryer, or Car Charger Outlet – $289 – $1,000
  • Install Hot Tub Circuits & Disconnects – $600 – $2,000
  • Installing Car Chargers – $289 – $1500
  • Installing HVAC Circuits & Disconnects – $289 – $2,000
  • Installing Treadmill Circuits – $300 – $900
  • Replace bathroom exhaust fan – $400-$1200

This section contains electrical panel pricing for Calgary area electricians. This page should not be used as a price list or a price guarantee. Actual prices may be lower or higher depending on the specifics of the project

  • Replace subpanel: $1200 – $2500
  • Panel restoration: $1200-$1999
  • Electrical panel or service upgrade: – $3600 to over $6000

There are many factors involved in the price of replacing or upgrading an electrical panel in Calgary. Permits for this work are required and our prices always include permits, inspections and all coordination with Enmax and the city. In Calgary, the rules and restrictions have been changing every 3 years and you want an electrical contractor who works closely with Enmax and the city of Calgary to conform to the latest codes and requirements

Factors for Electrical panel replacement or upgrade pricing:

  • Location of the panel: Are there proper clearances? Can it stay in the same location or will it need to be moved per new code enforcement policies? Some policies have been in place for many years but were not enforced are now being strictly enforced. Panel locations that don’t meet current clearances used to be “grandfathered” to remain in the same location however that is no longer the case.
  • Is the power coming in from overhead or underground?
  • Is the incoming wire large enough for the new service?
  • If underground is trenching required?
  • Is the panel surface mounted or flush in the wall? Will stucco or drywall be required?
  • All service upgrades must be permitted. Permits, coordination with Enmax, and city inspectors are included in our prices. This is not a project to take on yourself or entrust to an inexperienced electrician or “side jobber”. The stakes are very high, and this is not a project to hire the cheap contractor to complete. The most expensive jobs are the ones you need to do twice.
  • Install outlet to plug in portable generator: $350-$1500
  • Install manual transfer switch for multiple circuits: $1500-$2500
  • Fully automatic standby generator: Including generator, automatic transfer switch, electrical and plumbing installation, including gas and electrical permits $12,000- $35,000

Financing Available

You have a budget. We have a payment plan to match it. Our partners at Financeit can help you out. Make your large purchase more affordable by applying for an easy monthly or biweekly payment plan with Financeit. Get pre-approved in seconds!


CREW Electrical Services Ltd is here to help our friends and neighbours as a residential and commercial electrician. Read some of our recent reviews and client testimonials.

“Crew Electrical Service was outstanding, quick to respond, polite, and hard working. I had them Hook up my Hot Tub, and the electrician they sent was very knowledgeable and found solutions very quickly to issues with access to my Electrical Panel. I would 100% refer this company to all of my friends and family in the future. Thanks Guys!!!”

Jeremy P.

“We hired Crew Electrical to do our sunroom installation. They are top shelf in terms of their skill sets and professionalism. They went above and beyond our expectation. I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Drew, Christian and Glenn have all been great to deal with. Do not hesitate to contract them. They will not disappoint you. 5 stars indeed!!!”

Brian B.