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Find the best Calgary electrician for your residential and commercial needs.


Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to have work with numerous residential builders, contractors, and homeowners. Our deep experience, and reliable and efficient service, set us up to exceed your expectations.


We’re an electrical service company based in Calgary specializing in electrical installations and repairs for residential and commercial properties. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle a range of projects, from minor repairs to full-scale renovations. Our quality services and high client satisfaction rates make us the number one choice out of all the electrical companies in Calgary. Check out some of our featured services below:

New Residential Development

Panel and Service Upgrades

Aluminum Wiring Repair

Home Automation and Control

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Energy-Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Permanent Exterior Christmas Lights by Glowstone Lighting

Short Circuits and Faults

Faulty and Old Wiring

Diagnosis & Repair

Financing Available

You have a budget. We have a payment plan to match it. Our partners at Financeit can help you out. Make your large purchase more affordable by applying for an easy monthly or biweekly payment plan with Financeit. Get pre-approved in seconds!

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We offer flexible rates and affordable payment plans, so you don’t have to delay your maintenance, upgrades or repairs. Please speak to a member of our friendly team for more information.


You can carry out regular visual checks such as looking for plug or cable damage, seeing if any wires are visible and checking for marks that would suggest overheating. You can exercise breakers yearly, test GFCI receptacles and install CO detectors in the house. If you need assistance, our Red Seal journeyman technicians can complete thorough checks.

This depends on several factors, including the environment, whether it’s in residential or commercial property and the type of equipment. Emergency lighting needs to be tested once a year, along with commercial fire alarm systems. Residential smoke alarms and CO detectors have life spans of 3-10 years and should be annually tested and checked for expiry. Please speak to one of our technicians for specific advice.

We sometimes need to rewire houses built in the 1960s that have aluminum wiring or homes built before the 1950s with underground wiring.
This is a job that requires access to every room with furniture moved out. The process varies with the era of the property but often includes:

  • Completing kitchen or bathroom renovations
  • Fishing vertically through wall spaces
  • Wiring through attics and fishing down interior walls
  • Upgrading the main incoming overhead or underground service
  • Ensuring the bonding and grounding of water pipes, gas pipes and system ground is complete and up to new standards
  • Ensuring the bonding and grounding of water pipes, gas pipes and system ground is complete and up to new standards

Although this is a disruptive process, we carry it out as quickly and efficiently as possible to create a minimal amount of hassle. We clean up after ourselves at the end of every day and ensure the installation is high-quality and safe before we leave.


Work with homeowners, contractors and designers to install an efficient electrical system on the property.

Source high-quality products from reliable manufacturers including wires, fixtures and distribution.

Discuss energy-efficient products for sustainable development.

Double-check electrical systems are correctly installed, significantly reducing the risk of accidents or major malfunctions.